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I had my first session with David, and even though I’d never met him before, I felt at ease and very comfortable around him from the outset. Before starting anything, he detailed how he worked and checked if that was okay with me and also asked how I was feeling on the day. I found this starting point amazing, as he was extremely genuine and sincere and I felt like I was just talking to another human being, instead of being judged or worrying about what was going to happen.


David’s approach really worked for me, as he used visualisation and asked questions where there could be no right or wrong answer; meaning that everything was at my own pace and based on my individual experience. David was also extremely calming throughout the whole process and gave validation to everything that I had experienced and helped me understand that it was okay to feel the way I had felt, and to thank myself for everything I had been through to get to where I am now.


After one session I already feel a lot more positive, not only about myself, but also looking at the world with a more positive eye, and hope to take this on further into every day.


Imogen Bryan, UK

Hi David, yesterday's coaching session was amazing, thank you so much! I had a really great sleep last night and felt very strongly that healing/processing was happening all night as I slept. I kept waking up, feeling/thinking about it and going back to sleep. I can’t really explain it but it was good! You are a very powerful coach/healer. Like I started telling you, I had months and months of “coaching” and nothing ever got so deep so quickly. Thank you so much! I do feel a great sense of peace around my son and the whole situation we talked about. I look forward to being in a position that would usually trigger me and seeing what happens! Also I had a wonderful chat with my husband after the session which started off about our son and developed into a very powerful discussion around another area that we need to work on. Thank you once again.

Ailey C, UK

I reached out to David on the suggestion of a mutual friend and he has become an integral part of my emotional support system. He was someone I immediately trusted from the very first day, because it was just so obvious that he is a man of integrity, honor, respect and self awareness. He has been the person I've reached out to in deeply vulnerable moments, when I have needed someone to really be there for me as I fall apart. There are very few people in this world that I would trust to hold space for me in such times and David is absolutely top of the list. He has been an exceptional friend to me, as well as a coach and guide through challenging times, and a cheerleader for my successes. David has a remarkable talent for seeing and understanding people, and his insights have helped me tremendously in my life journey.

Briony Corrigan, New Zealand

David, I just want to take a moment to thank you for the breakthrough that you’ve facilitated in my latest session. I have seen a therapist for 5 years and had intuitive energy healing sessions that have been very beneficial, but never have I had such a breakthrough and response as today. Thank you so much for making me feel safe enough to do this. What you helped me uncover was very surprising and I would never have come to this understanding without your help. I wouldn’t have been able to be vulnerable enough to explore, unless someone was bearing witness and holding safe, sacred space for me. This gift is priceless, thank you. It has restored my faith and hope in my complete healing, and in the becoming of whom I am meant to be.

Karrie Thornhill, USA

Being within David's presence really helped me see the truth; helped me see with broader awareness. He's a beautiful expression of love and I'm honoured to have shared space with him.

Christopher Jones, UK

Huge thank you to one of the most amazing humans of the planet David Mills! This man is honestly so generous and gifted. Just 30 minutes on the phone with him today had me crying the happiest tears and dealing with issues myself that I didn’t know how to fix before. I’m so happy to have a support system that includes David. If you’re dealing with anything in your life that you’d like to change or heal David offers life coaching services like no one else can. Thank you again David from the bottom of my heart!

Nicole Stasierowski, USA

I just healed childhood trauma from a session with David Mills. Truly amazing session. Thank you so much David. You have helped me beyond words. Thank you for hearing and healing my inner child. I am so blessed and grateful. I highly recommend this life coach for inner child healing.


Daryn Tefnut, New Zealand

This one-hour session with you has been more useful than three months of counselling. You are amazing and brilliant! Your compassion knows no end and is so incredibly powerful. You made me remember what the gift of compassion can do. It transforms people. I am so appreciative!

Tanya Martinez-Cardenas, USA

Not only has David helped me find myself – have profound epiphanies and reach new levels of self worth and appreciation – there's always kindness and sensitivity to whatever subject that may arise. I couldn't ask for anyone more suited for this role.

Lydia, UK

If it wasn’t for David's amazing wisdom and insight to help bring me back into alignment with truth, I don’t know where I’d be right now! He has an incredible way of intuitively guiding you to your own source of wisdom. Truly a unique approach.

Sheba, Australia

I had two amazing sessions with David Mills. It was the most wonderful experience of my life. The theme of the first session was sacred partnership, and the second was healing of my inner child regarding my son and myself. I found in David a person whom I can trust, and a friend with a compassionate heart and amazing intuition. I resonate with him so much! I cannot say enough words to express my gratitude and joy. David is a part of the peace that I feel in my soul. He has unique, divine talent and a loving, warm heart that feels even the smallest movements of your soul. He has a brilliant mind that has a beautiful meld with his heart. Thank you so much, David! You are an amazing coach, teacher and human being. I am blessed to have met you during my journey to self love.

Irina Isakov, Canada

Oh my goodness, Christmas just arrived six days early. With David's support, I had a major breakthrough regarding a situation I was facing. There was a gift in it after all. I was looking but couldn't find it. Shifting how I hold this, seeing through shiny new glasses means I can actually embrace my search for clarity with joy. You just made a huge contribution to this human being, David. To have joy within touching distance again. For that, I can never thank you enough. God bless every ounce of your loving heart.

Michelle H, USA

A huge thank you to David Mills. As always, his insight, clarity and support is spot on, and so very much appreciated. I've had several sessions with David over the last year (including this morning's one) and I can honestly say they have all been invaluable. David enables you to access the heart of an issue and actually RESOLVE it, rather than just continue to relive/talk about it. I can't rate him highly enough, and not only that, he's a thoroughly lovely person with a heart of gold.

Rachel Evans, UK

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