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When? When? When?


Q: When will it happen? When? When? When?

A: It will happen as soon as you stop asking when.

Q: I tried that two months ago and it still didn't happen.

A: Trying to stop is not actually stopping, is it? Stopping with the intention of manifesting your desire sooner is not actually stopping; it is self-deception. You are still attached to the outcome.

Q: Well I'm not going to just give up on my desire.

A: Nobody is asking you to give up on it. The desire is not the issue. Your attachment to it is the issue.

Q: In what way?

A: Attachment to anything is a form of resistance. By holding on tightly to your desire, you are broadcasting a clear message that you don't believe you can have what you desire. And so Life mirrors this belief back to you. Effectively, by wanting it so badly you push it further away. What you desire is repelled by your neediness.

Q: What is the alternative?

A: Let go, my friend. Get out of the way and allow Life to deliver. Be empty. Be present. Be free. Focus on doing whatever brings you the most joy. By empowering yourself in this way, you allow space for Life to work its magic. Remember, you are not responsible for the 'how'.

Q: What am I responsible for, then?

A: The 'what', the 'why' and your attitude in the meantime.

Q: My attitude?

A: Yes, Life never gives you what you want in the moment; it gives you what you most need for your growth. You get to choose your response in each of these moments. Is choosing to respond by continually asking 'When?' a useful response? Is this working for you?

Q: Clearly not.

A: Then choose a different response. This is where your attitude comes in.

Q: But surely I must DO something to bring my desire into form?

A: Yes: let go and allow. If action steps are to be taken, these will be revealed to you in the form of intuitive nudges, hunches and feelings of excitement. Listen to these. Trust these. Follow them. In truth, your outcome is seeking you. But you have to be ready. Readiness is determined by your attitude.

Q: I'm so sick of waiting.

A: What are you waiting for?

Q: For my desire to manifest.

A: Waiting is another form of attachment. Stop waiting and start living! Make a decision to be happy NOW. The only thing over which you have any 'control' is your attitude. There is your power. There is your freedom. There is your happiness. It all starts with YOU. You are that powerful.

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