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Mastering the Art of Allowing

There is a fine line behind "wanting" something to happen and "allowing" it to happen. This is a lesson I am still in the process of mastering. "Wanting" something keeps us in an energy of lack; the Universe does not respond kindly to this energy. "Allowing" is attractive and spacious; the Universe responds well to this energy.

Today I drove to St Albans to pick up a stunning, burgundy velvet jacket from Moss Bross to wear for my remaining Christmas singing gigs. It was too small. The shop assistant called 8 other stores around the country (EIGHT stores!!!), all of which had my size in stock according to the computer system. In each case the last one had been sold within 5-10 minutes of the phone call. What are the chances?! The only remaining jacket in the country was in Cornwall, but it wouldn't arrive until the middle of January.

Frustrating? Yes. Disappointing? Yes. But I always look for the learning opportunity in such situations. I always have the power to choose my response; I am not a victim. So I chose to accept the situation and seize the opportunity to work on my patience. We ordered the jacket from Cornwall.

Like I tried to do with my stage show idea in August (one of my dreams is to create and star in an international production), I was pushing too hard to manifest something that just wasn't ready to manifest. Everything happens when it is meant to happen. You can't force or rush the Universe.

Once a desire has been expressed, the best thing to do is LET GO and ALLOW the Universe to do its thing. Who knows, maybe a miracle will happen and I'll receive a phone call tomorrow informing me that another jacket has become available? I remain open to all possibilities...

#acceptance #allowing #manifestation #patience

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