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Accessing the miraculous

I leave the house yesterday and get into my car. A robin lands on the bush in front of me, turns to face me and starts singing. My eyes widen in excitement and my heart softens. I say hello and thank you. I drive to Clophill, a 20-minute journey. As I am parking my car in Clophill, I hear a bird singing. It sounds familiar. I glance to my right to see a robin sitting on the tree branch overhanging my car. The robin turns to face me and starts singing. I smile with delight as I say hello and thank you.

Many people would dismiss such occurrences as random coincidences. But I attract robins everywhere I go! They are cheerful messengers of change and transformation. How do I know this? I have no idea! But that's what their presence signifies in my world. And that's not a "belief"; it's a knowing that comes from deep within; from beyond my rational, thinking mind.

I also have the ability to "read" numbers. Bus 81 driving past isn't just a random occurrence... 81 carries a message of "completion" that I am able to apply to my life and my unique circumstances in that given moment. Glancing at a clock at precisely 2:22 or 4:44 is not random either. These number sequences carry specific messages of comfort and reassurance that arrive just when I need them most. Such synchronicities are powerful reminders that I live in a friendly universe; that Life is on my side and has my back.

Similarly, I "read" car license plates. On the way to Clophill yesterday I noticed that I was behind a car with the license plate "2 SHY". Again, this was a message for me: in that particular moment, someone was wanting to reach out to me but feeling too shy to do so. I was shown the identity of this individual in my imagination. "Thanks for the information", I said.

Where did I learn all this? Have I been reading too many spiritual books? Watching too many movies? Have I joined a cult? No, no and no. Everything I share here is a direct result of personal experience. The knowing comes from inside of me, but nobody can take away my experience of seeing those two robins in my outside world in such a short time frame. Likewise, nobody can take away my experience of talking to one of my closest friends over the phone this morning and discovering - to our shared amazement and delight - that we had both been drawn to listen to the song "A Whole New World" this week. More than that, we had both been listening to the exact same version (see below) as a way of lifting our vibrations! In other words, the magic is both external and internal.

Truth is, I live in a magical and miraculous universe in which I see, perceive and experience the interconnectedness of everyone and everything - and have done so since 2008. I've kept this beautiful part of me a "secret" from almost everyone for fear of being judged and making others feel uncomfortable. I've felt shamed into silence all this time. Why? Because I was socially conditioned from birth to prioritise "fitting in" over being myself. It takes immense inner strength, courage and resilience to be yourself in a world that is continually telling you to conform.

I'm no longer afraid.

I'm awake. I'm aware. I'm conscious. I'm alive. I'm embodying my truth. I'm living from my heart, with my intuition and feelings guiding me through my every experience. And the more I detach from my mind, the more I am able to access this miraculous world beyond the mundane world of mind-identified existence.

Who knows, perhaps by sharing some of my daily experiences and insights of life beyond the box of fear, others might be curious to know how they can access the magic for themselves? People like Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, Carl Jung and Walt Disney were all tapping into the very same thing. Truth is, this is available to everyone. But you have to break through all your social conditioning - that is, all the lies you have been told by others - in order to access it.

I'm happy being myself. I invite you to join me...

ADDENDUM: Shortly after publishing this post, my mum excitedly beckoned me to the front door. Standing on the roof of my car and looking directly at us as it sang its cheerful song was... a robin. I had not informed her about my robin experiences the previous day. And so, my sceptical mother moves a step closer towards the magic that characterises my daily reality.

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