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Existential depression: a blessing in disguise

I'm writing this post to set my intention to reach out to and support the millions of young people in their teens and early twenties who are struggling with the same inner state of dis-ease as me: existential depression.

There is nothing inherently "wrong" with these kids (or me, for that matter). They do not need doctors, anti-depressants or psychiatric intervention. What they need is someone to acknowledge and validate their feelings. Their depression is a direct response to the conditioned insanity that surrounds them in their everyday lives - in school, in politics, in the media, in corporations, in the business world, in big pharma, in the legal system, in advertising and marketing, in pretty much every aspect of their lives; insanity that they feel powerless to do anything about, thus contributing to a growing sense of meaninglessness and despair. It is no surprise to me that more and more kids are losing themselves in addictions to social media, video games, alcohol, drugs, sex, self-harming, gang culture and violence - and at increasingly younger ages. These are coping mechanisms; methods of distraction; symptoms of a dysfunctional society that is in a state of chronic denial.

Existential depression is the proverbial elephant in the room that nobody wants to acknowledge, let alone talk about. Why? Because it's easier to keep our heads buried in the sand and pretend that everything is all right. Because to acknowledge the issue would be to question the very basis upon which our lives revolve; to question the premises upon which our "civilised" society has been built. No, this is perceived as too threatening. Far easier to silence, suppress and shame those who are struggling to make sense of the madness that surrounds them. This way, we can remain in our comfort zones of unconscious slumber and conditioned insanity.

I believe that these existentially depressed young people hold within their hearts and souls the blueprints for a new and better way of living and being. I believe these kids themselves are the keys to the creation of a new society, a new civilisation. I believe that their inability to happily function within the existing societal systems and structures is a blessing and a gift to humanity. I believe that we can activate the templates for a healthy and harmonious society by providing spaces of unconditional acceptance and compassion in which kids are granted permission to openly and honestly voice their feelings. Our immediate priority as awakened adults is to help young people feel seen, heard and supported. Only then can we hope to facilitate the unlocking of their creative and innovative capacities.

As a life coach, I specialise in supporting children and adults who are struggling with existential depression. If you resonate with the words in this post, please know that you are not alone. You are never alone. Know, too, that your uniqueness is your greatest gift to the world. I am here to support and assist you in aligning with your truth, with your highest path and purpose.

All my love, David

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