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Is therapy/counselling no longer delivering the results you desire?

Do you feel you have reached the end of the line with your current therapist or counsellor?

Are you tired of analysing your problems?

Are you looking for more than just a label for your issues?

Are you done with managing symptoms and ready to heal the source of your issues?

Are you ready for a different approach to self-healing and personal evolution?

Ready to go deeper?

If so, the Silent Life Coach is here to support you!

Where do you go when therapy is no longer working?

I can help you to heal and resolve...

✔  Childhood trauma                          ✔  Self-sabotage patterns                    ✔  Fear of abandonment

✔  Sexual trauma                               ✔  Mother/father issues                        ✔  Dark night of the soul

✔  Addictions                                      ✔  Deep-seated fears                             ✔  Existential depression

✔  Codependency                               ✔  Unconscious blocks                           ✔  Feeling "different"

✔  Suicidal thoughts                          ✔  Family lineage patterns                     ✔  Victim mentality

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