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Revealing your true essence

Want to be living the life of your dreams but don't believe you can have what your heart desires?

Afraid of leaving behind the comfort and security of the life you already have?

Unsure how to move forward with so many fears and insecurities blocking your way?

Allow me to hold space for you as we make peace with these confused, fearful and protective parts of yourself.

Allow me to facilitate a shift out of your thinking mind (the source of all limiting beliefs) into your intuitive self (your body's connection to the source of all wisdom and truth). 

Allow me to guide you out of the Box of Fear and into the Garden of Trust.

Transformation takes place in darkness; growth takes place in the light. Consider a seed planted in the soil or a caterpillar metamorphosing into a butterfly. Your inner darkness (emotional pain) is not to be feared; it provides the fuel for your personal evolution.

The inner transformations that take place during my coaching sessions will allow you to break through the chrysalis of your pain-body and into the light of the sun.

Ready to spread your wings and fly?

If so, the Silent Life Coach is here to support you!

I can help you to heal and resolve...

✔  Childhood trauma                          ✔  Self-sabotage patterns                    ✔  Fear of abandonment

✔  Sexual trauma                               ✔  Mother/father issues                        ✔  Dark night of the soul

✔  Addictions                                      ✔  Deep-seated fears                             ✔  Existential depression

✔  Codependency                               ✔  Unconscious blocks                           ✔  Feeling "different"

✔  Suicidal thoughts                          ✔  Family lineage patterns                     ✔  Victim mentality

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