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Twin Flames & Blue Rays

Intuitive Coaching for individuals in a Twin Flame connection
[Skype sessions] [£77 (60mins) o£111 (90mins)]
Are you in a sacred union, conscious partnership or deep soul connection?
Looking for authentic support and guidance on your journey back to love?
I have been on a conscious path back to love since 2008. I view this journey, first and foremost, as an inner one. I encourage my clients to focus on tending the Flame of Love that resides within. The ultimate goal is to realise yourself as a source of love.
During these sessions I hold a safe space in which you are empowered to find your own answers to any issues or challenges you are facing. We work together on identifying and healing energetic blocks and limiting beliefs. While I do share my own intuitive insights regarding your situation - and consult a variety of oracle card decks for additional inspiration - the focus is very much on connecting you with your own inner guidance. My coaching facilitates a Reflection & Response approach. 
I specialise in inner child healing and the release of childhood trauma, including physical and sexual abuse, abandonment and rejection issues. I guide my clients directly to the core of their issues, holding a space in which they can shine the light of their conscious awareness upon the underlying emotional pain and make peace with it for good.
My aim is to make myself unnecessary... as quickly as possible! With this in mind, I share with my clients grounding, protection and self-healing tools and techniques that can be applied in their everyday lives.
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