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Heal your deepest pain.

      Reveal your true nature.

              Transform your life.

I help people to make peace with the parts of themselves 

they cannot face on their own, facilitating profound shifts

on their journey along the inner path to freedom.

David Mills
Deep Inner Transformation Coach
Watch my welcome video...
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Tanya Martinez-


This one-hour session with you has been more useful than three months of counselling.

Karrie Thornhill

David, I want to take a moment to thank you for the breakthrough that you've facilitated in my latest session. I have seen a therapist for 5 years and had intuitive energy healing sessions that have been very beneficial, but never have I had such a breakthrough and response as today...


Tefnut Daryn

Allene Light

I just healed childhood trauma during a session with David Mills. Truly amazing session. Thank you, David. You have helped me beyond words...


Are you ready to break out of the Box of Fear for good?

Do you long to live a simpler, happier and more fulfilling life in alignment with your heart's desires?

Are you done with relying on external gurus and teachers and ready to establish a stronger connection with your own inner guidance?

Are you ready to move beyond surface-level healing and to address the

root causes of your issues?

Are you excited about using the power of your imagination to clear your deepest wounds and blocks - within hours, or even minutes?

Do you want to learn simple, practical tools for quieting the mind and allowing inspiration to flow?

Are you ready to lead yourself and others into a heart-based way of living and being?

YES? Then you're in the right place!

The path to freedom can be lonely and overwhelming... but it doesn't have to be! I'm here to guide and support you in overcoming your biggest obstacles and challenges.

I hold a silent and compassionate space of transformation in which you are empowered to face, explore, heal and resolve your core issues under the safe, gentle and nurturing direction of my intuitive self. Together, we can clear away the clouds of confusion that block the light of your true self from shining through, naturally aligning you with your life purpose and highest potential - and inspiring others to do the same!

As a pioneer of the Garden of Trust (see my About page to read the story of my transition into this new, heart-based paradigm), I offer insights about the nature of life beyond the box and share self-healing tools and tips to support your journey from the old world to the new through my Silent Reflections newsletter.

A brand new life awaits you inside the Garden of Trust. Inner clarity and contentment can be yours. Authentic freedom is within your reach...

What are you waiting for?

I can help you to heal and resolve...

✔  Childhood trauma                          ✔  Self-sabotage patterns                    ✔  Fear of abandonment

✔  Sexual trauma                               ✔  Mother/father issues                        ✔  Dark night of the soul

✔  Addictions                                      ✔  Deep-seated fears                             ✔  Existential depression

✔  Codependency                               ✔  Unconscious blocks                           ✔  Feeling "different"

✔  Suicidal thoughts                          ✔  Family lineage patterns                    ✔  Victim mentality

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