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Silence speaks.

Silence heals.

Silence empowers.

My ability to hold space for others is my greatest gift. The power behind the transformational nature of my coaching is found in the silence of my conscious presence.

David Mills
Deep Inner Transformation Coach

Healing is a process of revealing.

Healing has nothing to do with "fixing", or even changing. It is a process of revealing. Revealing more and more of our inner presence, which is the essence of one's being. You can't "buy" presence. There is no training or certification available in presence. Presence is revealed through introspection. It is the result of an inner journey, during which the dark clouds of confusion masking the sky of one's true self are cleared. It is about breaking through the chrysalis of the pain-body and emerging as the butterfly (the light-body) that is who we really are.

This process of inner alchemy translates to the outer world as a shift from the Box of Fear  (the illusory matrix of conditioned limitation) to the Garden of Trust, which is the new paradigm for living and being, characterised by authentic freedom of expression, connection, compassion and community spirit.

Having broken through my own pain-body, and as a forerunner and pioneer of the Garden of Trust, I am here to support, guide, encourage and inspire others who are ready to follow my lead! 

Through the power and clarity of my personal example, my coaching clients naturally access more and more of their own conscious presence,  which in turn gives everyone around them unconscious permission to do the same. And so we begin to create a world of conscious presence; a world of self-connected, self-trusting and self-caring individuals who live in harmony with themselves, with others and with the Earth.

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